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Condition No. Required Documentation Approval Status Final Report
B2 Additional Information Approved Click here
Click here
Click here
C3 (D2) Construction Traffic Management Plan Approved  Click here
C7 Provision of dedicated community hotline phone number 1800 The Zoo 1800 843 966
C8 Preparation of a Community Engagement Plan Approved Click here
C12 Preparation of Water Quality Monitoring Program Approved Click here


C13 Purchase and retire Five ecosystem credits to offset the impacts of the Development Pending
C15 & C16 Preparation of Biodiversity Management Plan including a Cumberland Plain Woodland Management Plan Approved Click here
C17 Evidence of installation of fencing to the Cumberland Plain Woodland Pending
C22 Preparation of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plan (ACHMP) Approved Click Here
C28 Sediment and erosion measures to be implemented Pending
D1, D2 & D3 Preparation of the Construction Environment Management Plan. Approved Click Here
D13 Access to Information Click Here